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GUTS whitepaper

Whitepaper for the upcoming GUTS ICO. The source of this ...

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Senate Budget Committee Amendments to HR 1628

#ACHA #Trumpcare #HealthcareBill Source:

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"Restoring Internet Freedom", the latest FCC attempt to kill Net Neutrality

The FCC is attempting to kill Net Neutrality once again. ...

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S.B. 562: The Healthy California Act

The State of California is considering a single-payer health insurance ...

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H.R. 1628

The full text of House Resolution 1628, including amendments as ...

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“Restoring Internet Freedom” Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC)

The latest attempt to attack net neutrality in Congress.

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Twitter complaint about unmasking

The US Government attempted to get Twitter to unmask the ...

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Causal Entropic Forces

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This internet privacy order is about to be repealed

Congress is trying to push through revocation of this order ...

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