Causal Entropic Forces

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Summary: We found that independent causal entropic forcing of disks I and II caused them to first spontaneously align their positions and push down in tandem on both handles of the string, as shown in Fig. Namely, adaptive behavior might emerge more generally in open thermodynamic systems as a result of physical agents acting with some or all of the systems’ degrees of freedom so as to maximize the overall diversity of acces- sible future paths of their worlds (causal entropic forcing). In practice, such agents might estimate causal entropic forces through internal Monte Carlo sam- pling of future histories [13] generated from learned models of their world.
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Summary: Finally, in biophysics, they suggest new physical measures for the behavioral adaptiveness and sophistication of systems ranging from biomolecular con- figurations to planetary ecosystems [2,3]. In conclusion, we have explicitly proposed a novel physical connection between adaptive behavior and en- tropy maximization, based on a causal generalization of entropic forces. [4] E. J. Chaisson, Cosmic Evolution: The Rise of Complexity in Nature (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2002).
People: R. C. Dewar , J. G. Milton , J. M , J. A. Bagnell , T. M. Sullivan , T. Ohira , A. Kleidon , E. J. Chaisson , A. K. Dey , B. D. Ziebart , R. Dawkins , T. P. Wallace , E. F. , E. Verlinde , J. L. Cabrera , T. Joachimspp , S. Pinker , O. Teytaud , ware , J. J. Collins , W. G. Kinzey , D. Schmitt , E. Kaxiras , L. Martyushev , E. S. Boyden , C. R. Shalizi , S. S. Elnashaie
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