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Summary: The Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) protocol will ensure a transparent and decentralized event ticketing market for all users. GUTS believes an application should be created from a customer experience point of view and makes a big effort to implement blockchain technology to its system as this offers several significant advantages. utilities, and the role for the token holder are all explained in detail in the body of this white paper.
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Crimes mentioned: fraud
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Summary: 3.2.1 Costs incurred in buy-sell situation . 3.3 GET acquisition and GET stability fund . 3.5 Main protocol design philosophies .
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Summary: This white paper introduces the Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) mode of exchange in a secure, transparent and open smart-ticketing protocol for any type of event with regulated admission. • Content-creators: The GET-protocol makes it impossible for commercial ticket resellers to disturb the value chain; therefore artists can be certain that their true fans pay a fair price for a guaranteed authentic ticket. • Venues: GET provides an honest and fraud-free experience for users and a higher occupancy rate of the
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Summary: To add insult to injury, there have been many cases of fraud in which fans were denied access to events because they were sold an invalid, fake, or already scanned ticket. Because the authenticity of a ticket is still proven by some ink on a piece of paper or an image in a PDF file, committing fraud is as easy as taking a screen shot or operating a copier. Upon assessing the life cycle of a ticket for a popular event, it becomes apparent that a vast number of intermediaries stand between the content creator and the end user.
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Crimes mentioned: extortion , fraud
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Summary: consequences for the stakeholders Content creators are faced with unhappy fans, lower occupation during events and an inability to attract the right audience. User data is often not shared by other stakeholders, and content creators miss huge opportunities to build a sustainable community of fans. In the Netherlands, for example, a law to end extreme prices for secondary tickets is still under review six years after it was first proposed.
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Summary: This opens the possibility for bad actors to modify these data structures and create new barcode that are unique but not recognized as legitimate when consumers try to use them to enter an event. nerds to the rescue It seems evident that regulating the sale of these barcode—by, for example, keeping track of the profit margins made on each ticket—is almost impossible from both a technological and a political perspective. If we want to eliminate this practice for good, the problem should be tackled at the root level: Tickets should be able to “know” when ownership is changed and should dictate the price of the transfer.
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Crimes mentioned: fraud
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Summary: experience and partners Over the last year of its existence, GUTS has acquired both actual real world experience in the business of selling tickets for events and, by running successful demos, has collected a set of important and influential stakeholders in the Dutch market, including Hekwerk Theater Production This company organizes 800 theater shows annually and has 20 major artists and comedians under management. After years of being ripped off and defrauded, festival and theater visitors deserve a secure, fair and well engineered event protocol. Touting and scalping practices can be prevented with help from the possibilities offered by the Ethereum-protocol, as in the GET protocol proposed in this white paper.
Companies: Hekwerk Theater Production , GUTS Tickets
Organizations: GUTS
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Summary: The complexities of large-scale ticket sales include topics such as load balancing thousands of API calls per second, payment processing, and seat selection. We find these complexities important and want to show how these lessons learned have translated into a user friendly and robust smart ticketing protocol on the blockchain. After scanning the phone at the entrance of an event, the user specific QR code disappears, preventing last minute reselling of the ticket.
Organizations: GUTS
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Summary: Therefore, the measures set in place to ensure that these malicious actors are not able to make a profit with a resale scheme should be robust and foolproof. Take note that all these actions are all done in the browser of the users phone, no special app or software is required to sell your event ticket on the protocol. As of today, blockchain technology is too slow to accommodate these functionalities which are needed for a robust, competitive and user friendly instant ticketing verification system.
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Summary: If you are reading this white paper you probably have at least a basic understanding of concepts like the blockchain and its usage of public and private keys. • Dashboard with insightful real time data concerning the sale for event organizers and venue holders. • Audit trail for tickets sold on secondary market, thus generating more reliable data insights for stake-
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Organizations: GUTS
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