S.B. 562: The Healthy California Act

The State of California is considering a single-payer health insurance option, essentially removing health insurance companies from the state. According to the Center for Health Policy Research at UCLA, health care expenditures cost more than $367 billion dollars last year.

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Summary: An act to add Title 22.2 (commencing with Section 100600) to the Government Code, relating to health care coverage, and making an appropriation therefor. Existing federal law, the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), enacted various health care coverage market reforms that took effect January 1, 2014. Existing state la w creates the California Health Benefit Exchange, also known as Covered California, to facilitate the purchase of qualified health plans by qualified indi employers.
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Organizations: SENATE , PPACA
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Summary: The bill, among other things, would provide that the program cover a wide range of medical benefits and other services and would incorporate the health care benefits and standards of other existing federal and state provisions, including, but not limited to, the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medi-Cal, ancillary health care or social services covered by regional centers for persons with developmental disabilities, Knox-Keene, and the federal Medicare program. The bill would require the board to seek all necessary waivers, approval, approvals, and agreements to allow various existing federal health care payments to be paid to the Healthy California program, which would then assume responsibility for all benefits and services previously paid for with those funds. This bill would create the Healthy California Board to govern the program, made up of 9 members with demonstrated and acknowledged expertise in health care, and appointed as provided.
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Summary: The bill would also require the Secretary of California Health and Human Services to establish a public advisory committee to advise the board on all matters of policy for the Healthy California program. The bill would authorize health care providers, as defined, to collecti vely negotiate rates of payment for health care services, rates of payment for prescription and nonprescription drugs, and payment methodologies using a third-party 3rd-party representative, as provided. Existing constitutional provisions require that a statute that limits the right of access to the meetings of public bodies or the writings of public officials and agencies be adopted with findings demonstrating the interest protected by the limitation and the need for protecting that interest.
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Summary: To address the fiscal crisis f acing the health care system and line 3 (5) line 4 the state, and to ensure Californians can exercise their right to line 5 health care, comprehensive health care coverage needs to be line 6 provided. line 7 It is the intent of the Legislature to establish a comprehensive line 8 universal single-payer health care coverage program and a health line 9 care cost control system for the benefit of all residents of the state. If any necessary waivers or approvals are not obtained, it is line 29 line 30 the intent of the Legislature that the state use state plan line 31 amendments and seek waivers and approvals to maximize, and line 32 make as seamless as possible, the use of federally matched public line 33 health programs and federal health programs in the HC program.
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Summary: licensure standards for health care providers. Physicians and registered nurses shall be free to line 19 override health information technology and clinical practice line 20 guidelines if, in their professional judgment, it is in the best interest line 21 of the patient and consistent with the patient’s wishes. religion, national origin, ethnicity, or immigration status.
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Summary: There is hereby established in state government the line 11 Healthy California program to be governed by the Healthy line 12 California Board pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing with Section line 13 100610). Together with a range of technical and line 26 support staff, they may deliver direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment, diagnostics, and health improvement interventions to line 27 line 28 restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, line 29 cognitive, and social functions. Examples include, but are not line 30 limited to, audiologists, occupational therapists, social workers, line 31 and radiographers.
Organizations: SEC. , Healthy California Board , federal Health Care and Education
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Summary: licensed by the Department of Managed Health Care. “Fund” means the Healthy California Trust Fund established facility budgets for the provision of health care services.
Organizations: Healthy California Trust Fund , Department of Managed Health Care
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Summary: “Medicare” means Title XVIII of the Social Security Act This title does not preempt any city, county, or city line 36 line 37 and county from adopting additional health care coverage for line 38 residents in that city, county, or city and county that provides more line 39 protections and benefits to California residents than this title. is a health care provider qualified under Section 100635 that
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Summary: Appointments by the line 19 Governor shall be subject to confirmation by the Senate. Vacancies shall be filled by line 22 appointment for the unexpired term. The board shall elect a line 23 chairperson on an annual basis.
Organizations: Senate Committee , Senate , Healthy California Board
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Summary: line 1 Act, and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, to line 2 serve the public interest of the individuals, employers, and taxpayers seeking health care coverage through the program, and line 3 line 4 to ensure the operational well-being and fiscal solv ency of the line 5 program. A member of the line 15 board or of the staff of the board shall not be a member, a board line 16 member, or an employee of a trade association of health facilities, line 17 health clinics, or health care providers while serving on the board line 18 or on the staff of the board. A member of the board or of the staff line 19 of the board shall not be a health care provider unless he or she line 20 receives no compensation for rendering services as a health care line 21 provider and does not have an ownership interest in a health care line 22 practice.
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